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Let Italian opera mesmerize you

On September 5, Dubai Opera will open its doors for an evening of Italian opera, with a special focus on music rather than lyrics. Seeking to showcase the greatest overtures and interludes of Italian opera, the show will be performed by Fondazione Teatro Lirico “Giuseppe Verdi, Trieste” at the new venue in the heart of the emirate.

The Verdi Theatre, which will also perform the opening show at Dubai Opera, is one of the world’s oldest opera houses. It was initially founded as ‘Teatro Nuovo’ between 1798 and 1801 in the city of Trieste in Italy. Its current name comes from the legendary composer Guiseppe Verdi. Over time, it has become a symbol of Trieste’s cultural identity, while also playing a crucial role in spreading knowledge about Italian musical culture across neighbouring German and Slavic countries.

Alongside its busy schedule of opera and ballet performances, the Verdi Theatre also offers a rich programme of symphonic and chamber music concerts and operetta. Its orchestra and choir have performed numerous tours globally, including in Spoleto, Wiesbaden, Paris, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Budapest, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Cyprus and Muscat. Now, their arrival in Dubai is eagerly anticipated.

Titled ‘Opera without words,’ the show is based on the premise that ‘the orchestra provides the pulse that makes an opera breathe’. The organisers say that the greatest opera composers have always written both for instruments and voices, creating outstanding orchestral pieces in the process. This concert will be dedicated to those musical pieces, bringing them to life as standalone masterworks.

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