VIDEO: Charging Solutions Are Revving Up The Electric Vehicle Industry  

Fermin Bustamante, DACH Regional Director of EVBox, talks to Melissa Hancock about how the company is driving sustainable mobility across the world through its charging solutions

Fermin Bustamante, DACH Regional Director of EVBox, talks to Melissa Hancock about how the company is driving sustainable mobility across the world through its charging solutions   

With over 60,000 charging stations in service across more than 45 countries worldwide, the Netherlands’ headquartered EVBox is today a leading global manufacturer of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and charging management software.

Founded in 2010, EVBox made its breakthrough when the market for EVs was still in its infancy but is now reaping the rewards of its investments.

“There are two key trends in Europe right now,” Bustamante told Impact4All in an exclusive interview.

“The first is the European ban on gasoline cars from inner cities, and in Germany especially the banning of diesel vehicles from inner cities, which creates a big need for private as well as business users to move from a pure gasoline fleet to an electric fleet. The second trend is making it as easy as possible in terms of charging and the IT system behind it.”

Last year marked a clear turning point in Germany’s adoption of EVs with the country having pioneered this adoption over the past few years.

Government incentives under the Nationale Plattform Elektromobilität include financial incentives designed to make plug-in electric vehicles attractive to consumers. The scheme had an opening budget of €1bn, and comprises tax exemptions and tax credits, plus additional perks including access to bus lanes and waivers on fees, (such as charging, parking, and toll roads.)

Bustamante says that Germany is one of the countries that EVBox is now targeting for future growth.

“The first three to four months (of this year) we specified certain target groups in the DACH region, so Germany, Austria and Switzerland,” noted Bustamante. “And we will now continue growing our business within these specific customer segments which we’ve recognised as being very important for us.”

In February this year EVBox signed a partnership deal with IBC Solar, a global leader within photovoltaics (solar energy systems) and energy storage.

“We’ve known IBC Solar for many years – the solar industry will play a key role within the EV industry, providing that the solar energy gets stored within the house and then gets used by the EV card,” says Bustamante. “IBC Solar has access to more than 1,000 installers in Germany and we think this is one of our main channels for getting our products on the private customer market.”

Meanwhile, in July this year, EVBox acquired the ultra-fast charging station manufacturer EVTronic, adding 700 previously installed fast charging stations to its European network.

Since it was established in 2001, EVBox has experienced double-digit annual growth. Going forward, Mr Bustamante says he sees “big growth in the DACH region and in the Nordics.”

Along with its global headquarters in the Netherlands, EVBox has offices in New York, Belgium, France, the UK, Germany, Denmark, Norway and Madrid.

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