PV installation

PV installation

Lead by an experienced project Manager, a team of 30 installers and electricians worked on-site during the installation process, even working through the wettest December ever recorded in the UK. The panels were fitted in just three months onto a rooftop the size of 7.5 football pitches, requiring installers to often walk the equivalent of 14 miles per day manually carrying panels one at a time – each weighing around 40 lbs – from the edge of the building to the centre of the roof space; pallets of panels were lifted in turn by high-bay machinery and then manually unloaded.

Expert high-voltage electrical solutions were required from EvoEnergy for the PV system to integrate with the existing 11,000v on-site power supply, which the team handled by incorporating specially-built step-down voltage regulators into the system’s design. This solution allowed Lyreco to install a PV system much larger than initially planned.

In total, over 100 miles of cabling was used for the installation, equivalent to running a single cable from Birmingham to London.

About EvoEnergy

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Driving the market through innovation, EvoEnergy are the UK’s leading energy technology solutions provider, helping blue-chip clients and SME’s turn their sites into ‘sustainable energy centres’ through rooftop solar PV, battery storage and EV charging. Our multi-award winning company has partnered with some of the UK’s biggest brands to deliver financial savings, carbon reductions and energy independence.

Based from our Head Office in Nottingham, since our establishment in 2007 we have installed over 80 MW of rooftop solar PV for hundreds of businesses, Councils and organisations all over the UK. In addition to delivering some of the UK’s largest solar carports, we’re also one of the first companies to innovate and install commercial battery storage solutions. Prior to repositioning the company in 2014 to focus exclusively on the commercial rooftop sector, we installed solar PV on over 6,000 homes Nationwide.

Where other installers have diversified in to ground-mount, we’ve always specialised in rooftop PV installations meaning that our expertise in the rooftop sector is unrivalled by any other. Maintaining this focus has allowed us to continually raise and set the standards for installations across the industry. Being one of the first companies to design and deliver other pioneering solutions – such as solar carports and battery storage – our level of expertise and experience in these technologies is also market leading.



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