Greenpeace Names and Shames Household Palm Oil Brands

The likes of Kit-Kat, Dove and Head&Shoulders are known customers of environmental offender Wilmar

Picture a rainforest the size of the UK. Now picture it gone.

That’s how much Indonesian rainforest has been lost in the last three decades and it’s time to expose one of its biggest threats, Wilmar – the largest palm oil trader on the planet.

UK environmental NGO Greenpeace has confirmed Wilmar sources huge amounts of dirty palm oil from producers destroying rainforests – working with over 70% of the worst offenders.

Nick Munro, digital campaigner at Greenpeace, said: “The makers of products like Kit-Kat, Dove and Head & Shoulders had promised us no deforestation palm oil but they’re some of Wilmar’s top customers. They need to take an unprecedented step – they must drop dirty palm oil, and to do that they must drop Wilmar.”

Munro added: “Rainforests are the lungs of our planet, a source of life for indigenous people, species like the orangutan and one of our strongest defences against climate change. That’s why each hectare we lose matters.

“The thing is palm oil itself is not actually the problem (the palm trees that produce it are really land efficient). It’s that traders like Wilmar are happy to work with companies who are destroying new areas of forest to plant the palm trees that produce it.”

Just a few months ago Greenpeace revealed how a company called Gama, who’ve been supplying Wilmar with palm oil for years, destroyed an area of forest twice the size of Paris. 

Munro said: “Pushing a trolley down a supermarket aisle isn’t destroying Indonesian rainforests so we shouldn’t be complicit in their destruction when we do. The makers of products like Kit-Kat, Dove and Head & Shoulders have a responsibility to consumers. They promised us no deforestation palm oil in their products by 2020. That means they have 500 days to show us they’re serious.”

To sign the Greenpeace petition to ask the likes Kit-Kat, Dove and Head&Shoulders to drop Wilmar and its palm oil, click here.

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