Caroline Lucas Green Party Leader Slams UK’s ‘Utter Failure’ To Manage Climate Change

Caroline Lucas Green Party Leader Slams UK’s Utter Failure To Manage Climate Change

Britain’s efforts to curb climate change have drawn staunch criticism from the UK’s top Green MP.

Caroline Lucas, who is co-leader of the UK’s Green Party, told Impact4All the government’s recent decision to give further support to countries dealing with climate change is ‘welcome, but not sufficient’.

“Indeed, their record suggests they still have a long way to go on these issues,” Lucas said in an exclusive interview.

At the One Planet climate summit in Paris in December, British Prime Minister Theresa May unveiled a series of new climate change policies at the including a £140 million fund for developing countries to help address the effects of climate change, an expansion of an alliance with Canada to campaign for lower coal use worldwide and a summit on zero emission vehicles.

However Lucas criticised May’s government for its new onshore wind farm ban, solar subsidy cuts which have caused the loss of thousands of jobs and the latest budget which announced no new funding for renewables until mid-2020.

The Green Party head said: “[Government] decisions are a result of both myopic reactions to small numbers of anti-renewables campaigners, and an utter failure of the government to get to grips with the state’s role in battling climate change.

“And it’s not just a lack of support for clean energy that’s undermining efforts to tackle climate change – the government is also deeply committed to fossil fuels.”

Referring to the Paris Climate Agreement, which was ratified in December 2015 by 174 states and pledged to keep global warming below 2 degrees, Lucas said she believes it’s not too late to achieve the global objective, but “such a goal requires governments like the UK to take bold action.”

Lucas said: “If the government is serious about avoiding the worst of climate breakdown, ministers will both commit to immediate support for renewables to enable them to take off and become the hugely successful industries of tomorrow, and double down on efforts to keep fossil fuels in the ground.

“The government should also roll out a mass programme of insulation which would save energy, cut fuels bills and keep people warm at home.”
According to Lucas’ profile on the BBC website, “Caroline Lucas is the Green Party version of UKIP’s Nigel Farage. While she might not welcome the comparison, she has been the leading figure in the party for a decade, and remains very much the public face of the party.”
Lucas is a veteran campaigner, who has been politically active since joining the anti-nuclear peace camp at Greenham Common, and spent 10 years as an MEP. Today the Green Party has over 40,000 members and pulled in over one million votes in the 2017 General Election.

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