Melissa HancockAugust 23, 2018

Siemens and Solarkiosk speak to Impact4All about how they are joining forces to power off-grid parts of rural Africa with microgrids One of the most exciting developments at the Intersolar Europe conference held in Munich this year was the signing of an MoU between Siemens and Solarkiosk – a partnership that should prove transformative through …

Morgan EldredJuly 17, 2018

Artificial intelligence in renewables is driving autonomous micro-grids Artificial intelligence (AI) overall and within the renewable sector has been a hot topic for some time now. It is not a new concept. In 1950, the British mathematician and computer pioneer Alan Turing declared that one day a machine would be able to duplicate human intelligence …

Will DawsonMay 16, 2018

Flexible demand will help drive the take up of renewable energy, writes Will Dawson, associate director at Forum for the Future There’s a new kid on the energy block, and its name is Demand Flexibility. Mind you, it didn’t move in last week. Back in 2015 UK energy regulator Ofgem highlighted demand flexibility as an innovation area …

Morgan EldredMay 7, 2018

How can Blockchain incentivise the prosumer by creating a transparent secondary market? The concept of the prosumer (one who provides power and consumers power to the grid) is gaining traction through technological advances of renewables. Other aspects such as investment preferences versus institution investment preferences will need to be solved, before further mainstream adoption takes …

Nick RiceApril 5, 2018

Italian solar specialist Enerray is a major player in the design, installation, development and management of utility scale and industrial photovoltaic systems. The company has been steadily growing since it was founded in 2007. Despite the fluctuating challenges of the global economic landscape.


Trump’s New Steel Tariffs Could Harm Solar Industry President Trump said on Thursday that the US government will impose tariffs on imported steel and aluminium next week, despite strong pushback from some of his top advisers. Trump said the US will impose a 25 per cent tariff on foreign-made steel and a 10 per cent …

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