The HSBC UK Pension scheme has committed to invest £250 million in renewable energy infrastructure. The HSBC pension scheme, one of the UK’s largest with 16,ooo members, will focus its renewable investment on solar plants and wind farms and will generate enough clean electricity for the entire population of Oxford. Russell Picot, chair of the …


After 85 years of production, Lego has announced plans to make new pieces from plant-based plastic instead In a bid to turn more eco-friendly, the Danish toymaker has begun production on 25 various brick shapes that will resemble leaves, bushes and trees. Other sustainable shapes will include the brushes in the car washes, street sweepers …


Flywheels are an economic solution for meeting the growing need for electrical energy storage In this article from the European Energy Centre, Professor Keith Pullen from City University of London discusses the use of flywheels as an ‘effective and sustainable’ way to meet the growing demand for energy storage. As Dr Pullen explains, the increased …


In this article about Electric Vehicles from the European Education Centre, Gillian Harrison from the University of Leeds provides a comprehensive overview of some of the key things individuals need to know as the world moves into the age of these electric vehicles. The piece discusses in detail what electric vehicles (EVs) are and how …

Kanav DuggalMay 8, 2018

Building integrated Photovoltaics (BiPV) – photovoltaic-generating components built into the fundamental structures of buildings, such as solar facades, solar windows or solar roofs – are a growing phenomenon in the MENA region and across the world. BIPV solutions can also be installed in car parks, bus stations, stadiums and even homes. BiPV structures exist in …


South America is leading the way in the application of electric vehicles to taxi cab fleets Following the Paris Agreement set forth under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in 2016, countries around the world (including China, the US and Norway) set new targets to introduce electric vehicles  as a green alternative to …


‘Uniform classification’ of geothermal resources may help attract Indonesian geothermal investment Flores, an Indonesian island named for its beautiful flora, is the test-bed of a newly adapted classification guidelines for geothermal projects. Dubbed the ‘UNFC Geothermal Specifications,’ this United Nations’ adapted resource classification system is for the first time being piloted on the small island with the …


Centrica has powered up its local energy marketplace (LEM) trial in Cornwall, adding blockchain capabilities with the help of LO3 Energy. The £19 million LEM trial has been in the works for more than a year, with Centrica signing up 150 local homes and businesses to participate. Solar and storage systems have been offered to …

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