Solar energy firm BBOXX and French electricity company EDF have signed an agreement to develop and market solutions for access to off-grid electricity in Togo. BBOXX and EDF said they plan to provide ‘a reliable, affordable and CO2-free contribution’ to the government’s electrification programme, known as ‘CIZO’, which aims to supply over five hundred thousand …

Ricardo BarcelonaSeptember 17, 2018

‘Big oil’ will need to evolve and work with green start ups to stay afloat, writes Ricardo G Barcelona Is ‘big oil’ condemned to follow the demise of old king coal? It appears so judging by the “low carbon” narratives that dominate the business press. However, in the same breath, ‘big oil’ is reported to …

Alicia BullerSeptember 14, 2018

Impact4All speaks to Nick Beglinger, co-founder and CEO of C21, about Hack4Climate – the world’s first hackathon initiative for saving the planet Innovation in technology is critical to the quest to curb climate change. Hack4Climate (H4C), a climate-driven hackathon, aims to pit the wits of the world’s best coders against some of the planet’s most pressing …

Melissa HancockAugust 8, 2018

Henning Wuester, director of the Knowledge, Policy and Finance Centre at Irena, talks to Melissa Hancock about how corporates are shaking up renewables and how streamlining solar project finance contracts could be a game-changer As the intergovernmental organisation that supports countries in their transition to a sustainable energy future, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has …


A new network of clean energy hubs are planned in the UK to further research and innovation Three ‘Supergen’ centres covering bioenergy, offshore renewables, and energy networks are being launched with £5 million each of government funding. It’s expected that new hubs will involve researchers taken from 19 universities, along with 70 partners from outside …


After several years of growth, combined global investment in renewables and energy efficiency declined by three per cent in 2017, said the latest International Energy Agency (IEA) report. For instance, investment in renewable power, which accounted for two-thirds of power generation spending, dropped seven per cent in 2017, according to the World Energy Investment 2018 report. …

Klaus OehlerJune 24, 2018

China, the US and Europe are battling for marketshare amid a turbulent but growing solar energy market, writes Klaus Oehler German solar companies are apprehensive. In the weeks before Munich-based Intersolar, which ran over three days in June, more than 30 internationally active companies and research institutions wrote an open letter to the German government …

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