Author: Nick Rice

Nick RiceJune 5, 2018

Out Of The Box Energy’s Robert Jardine says it’s only a matter of time before Africa is empowered through independent solar energy projects Robert Jardine is the founder of Out of the Box Energy Solutions (5B Africa), which develops and distributes mobile solar PV and hybrid solar PV products into Southern Africa

Nick RiceMay 4, 2018

Kelvin Murray, veteran expedition leader and former manager of the British Antarctic Survey, speaks to Nice Rice about combatting ocean waste and ensuring environmental stewardship of one of the world’s most precious regions Marine plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time. Images of polar bears on littered Arctic beaches or footage of …

Nick RiceMay 1, 2018

Seeds are the source of all existence. Without them, we cannot survive. Biodiversity is vital for life yet the earth’s range of crops is drastically shrinking. Seed banks and their stewards are battling to save what remains of our critically diminished seed stocks and safeguard food for future generations. Nick Rice reports It’s all too easy …

Nick RiceApril 20, 2018

Italian startup OffGridBox has a mission to provide sustainable energy and safe water globally. Its solution is an all-in-one off-grid system that fits inside a 6×6 feet shipping container and is equipped with all the hardware needed to produce electricity and clean water. Dirty water or rainwater is poured into an integrated polyethylene tank and using …

Nick RiceApril 19, 2018

Hilton EMEA President On Recycling Soap, Reducing Plastic & Re-Using Linens As Hilton approaches its 100th anniversary, Impact4All speaks exclusively to Simon Vincent, the company’s executive vice president and president for EMEA, about the various ways in which the global hospitality group is evolving its business operations – creating and contributing to sustainable programmes across 105 …

Nick RiceApril 12, 2018

In an exclusive interview,  Jonathon Reynolds, executive director of the International Sustainability Education Foundation (ISEF) speaks to Nick Rice about his fears for an overpopulated planet and why engagement is the key to building a sustainable society  What is the mission of the International Sustainability Education Foundation (ISEF)? Our mission is to focus on both education and sustainability …

Nick RiceApril 10, 2018

Nick Rice explores the potential of the Third Industrial Revolution as a post-consumerism, post-capitalism solution for a world that’s being driven to the brink… We could be on the cusp of an incredible future, with humanity evolving to embrace new communities and an overarching sense of stewardship for the planet. Or, we might be about to go …

Nick RiceApril 7, 2018

REFU Electronik – part of the international Prettl group of companies – has been a pioneer in energy storage systems and frequency converters for over half a century. The REFUdrive division of the company offers expertise in the fields of battery storage systems and high-performance electronics, with a mission to, “ensure sustainable benchmarks for a green driven future.”

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