Author: Cora Moran

Cora MoranNovember 2, 2018

Living infrastructure, both natural and planned, could help stave off the effects of climate change, writes Cora Moran As shown in the latest IPCC report, the threat of abrupt climate change is a real and pressing danger: even if we are successful in limiting emissions to 1.5C, we will still have to deal with certain adverse effects …

Cora MoranAugust 6, 2018

The world needs to dramatically reduce the amount of energy used for farming, writes Cora Moran Farming is, of course, essential to all of our lives. Over the centuries, a variety of innovations in pre-industrial agriculture, such as water mills, windmills and beasts of burden, have helped to substantially increase net available energy and increase …

Cora MoranJune 4, 2018

The earth’s climate relies on a delicate network of ecosystems. Their interactions are increasingly hard to predict, writes Cora Moran A number of perilous global climate changes are predicted to occur in response to warming caused by greenhouse gas (GHG) emission

Cora MoranApril 26, 2018

Our oceans are being starved of oxygen, which is killing wildlife and raising sea temperatures. Action must be taken to clear the atmosphere of carbon dioxide (anoxic) before it’s too late, writes Cora Moran As well as providing us with abundant food, we have much to thank the oceans for. Approximately half of the carbon dioxide emitted since …

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